Kariss Rowe on Apprenticeships

We catch up with one of our current Apprentices Kariss Rowe who is in his 3rd year of following a Technical Apprentice pathway. For more information on Apprenticeships click here.

What made you want to do an Apprenticeship? The thought that I could gain higher level qualifications alongside gaining experience in engineering. Being an Apprentice is such a valuable experience I would recommend anyone to follow the same pathway and Sertec are such a support.

What is the most valuable thing that being an Apprentice has taught you? That college work is nothing like the work you will undertake at your company. Also to be in confident and listen to any advice/criticism you are given.

What has been the most enjoyable part of your Apprenticeship?I would say working in different departments with different groups of people at different sites. It has helped me to use my knowledge and skills that I have learnt and apply them in a different job role.

Jack Robinson on Apprenticeships

Jack Robinson is a Graduate Apprentice at Sertec, following the completion of his Apprenticeship he successfully obtained the position of a Trainee Tooling Engineer at Sertec.

“I have been tasked me with challenging but exciting responsibilities such as buying off press tools to Sertec’s manufacturing sites for the purpose of supplying quality assured parts to our various customers. My manager has put great trust within me to represent Sertec to manage suppliers and attend meetings with the customers, despite only being in the position for just under two years, the job is very rewarding and I am gaining valuable experience every day.”

The most valuable experience Jack has gained is facing problems head on with the right outgoing and professional attitude; “no two engineering problems you will face are going to be exactly the same and you will face challenges every day at work, but as long you approach it with the correct method and attitude you can overcome any problems that you are tasked with”.

We are currently recruiting now for our September intake of Apprentices please click here for more information.

Commercial Department Announcement

As we continue to evolve and develop, our team structures need to run parallel to support the constant changes and demands of the Automotive industry. With this in mind, we are pleased to announce some positive changes to our Commercial department.

We start with the centralisation of the whole Commercial team from Precision Components to Wincaster House, where they are located on the first floor alongside our Engineering and Purchasing teams. This is an essential move to help develop, progress and bring the teams together, whilst enhancing our services internally and externally.

Secondly, we congratulate Richard Lane who will be exiting the business in September as he begins his retirement. Richard started work in 1989 after graduating university as a ‘Senior Production Engineer’, he successfully climbed up the ladder and eventually joined Wild Springs and Wireforms in 2004 as ‘Director & General Manager’; growing it from £4million to £7million business. Richard has amassed extensive experience in Commercial through his varied roles throughout his 29 year career, thus, progressing to Director in charge of Commercial activity; growing Wild from £8 million to £50 million business.

Furthermore, we would like to congratulate Adam Smith, John Baker, Tom Singleton and Wayne Woodall for their promotions to Assistant Commercial Manager – these advancements are thoroughly deserved and we wish them every success.

Ben Higgins will assume overall Group responsibility for all Commercial activities with the Commercial team reporting directly into Carol Henderson as Head of Commercial. Carol will be supported by a team of Senior Managers who all have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the business and will be tasked with leading and supporting new customers.


We believe these changes will provide an improvement in overall business performance and a focus on meeting the increased demands of our customers.