Jack Robinson on Apprenticeships

Monday March 12th, 2018

Jack Robinson is a Graduate Apprentice at Sertec, following the completion of his Apprenticeship he successfully obtained the position of a Trainee Tooling Engineer at Sertec.

“I have been tasked me with challenging but exciting responsibilities such as buying off press tools to Sertec’s manufacturing sites for the purpose of supplying quality assured parts to our various customers. My manager has put great trust within me to represent Sertec to manage suppliers and attend meetings with the customers, despite only being in the position for just under two years, the job is very rewarding and I am gaining valuable experience every day.”

The most valuable experience Jack has gained is facing problems head on with the right outgoing and professional attitude; “no two engineering problems you will face are going to be exactly the same and you will face challenges every day at work, but as long you approach it with the correct method and attitude you can overcome any problems that you are tasked with”.

We are currently recruiting now for our September intake of Apprentices please click here for more information.