Wire Forming

Using the latest wire forming technologies and extensive industry knowledge, we manufacture all types of custom wire coils and wire-forming components.

With our innovative design and attention to detail teamed with our bending machines which are controlled by our carefully selected teams, we are capable of bending wire diameters from 0.1mm to 17mm.

Additionally, we also boast bending machines with fully integrated operations such as Cold Heading which makes us the perfect choice to capture all of your wire forming needs.

All of our bending machines are CNC controlled which include:

  • Single Head bending
  • Twin Head bending
  • Multi Axis bending
  • Hydraulic Hard Tool Bending

With our extensive wire forming background along with our passionate engineers, Sertec can promise 100% quality parts with the highest level of service.

FACT: Over 4,000 Tonne of steel is processed each year