Covid-19 Update

Thursday April 9th, 2020

Good morning to everyone in the Sertec family,

It has been nine days now since the last update regarding the Covid-19 situation and a lot has changed in that period.

1) Operations – Since stopping production at all UK plants on the 24th March we have been monitoring the Customer plans and schedules.  The impact of the overall Customer operational schedules changes means that all UK plants will remain closed until week commencing 11th May 2020. This applies to all UK sites at:

SASB Heavy stampings & Wincaster House Operations, SLC Hams Hall, SAST Tyseley, SLS Aston, SPC Witton SSWF Redditch and Wincaster House Offices

Details of a phased return to work at all sites will be shared with all employees in the first week of May

There could be local variations to the general return date for specific projects. In this case individual employees will be contacted about a return to work on a different date to the general rule stated above

The Operations in Germany (SFB) are still ongoing but now operating on a reduced working week. Operations at the Hungary facility (SASH) are currently on stand down with the restart date still to be confirmed.

2) Furlough – The majority of our employees from all UK sites are following the Governments Job Retention Scheme which commenced on March 25th 2020 following the closure of all sites on March 24th 2020. The Company has concluded an agreement with the Unite Trade Union that supports both the business needs and ensures that the Government guidelines are followed.

3) Return to Work – As part of the new protection and safeguarding policy we will be reviewing the shift changeover and break time procedures at all sites in order to follow social distancing guidelines that are essential for the benefit of all employees. Each facility will be advised and will be party to the discussions to support the policy in due course.

4) Home Working – This process will continue for all relevant departments during the stand down period such as Payroll, HR, Commercial and Engineering. Personnel from other areas of the business may be required to attend work in the stand down period and individuals will be contacted as and when required.

5) Employee Welfare – We are aware of a small number of employees around the Group that have symptoms of the virus and are receiving appropriate medical care.

As valued members of the Sertec family we send our best wishes to everyone that is suffering ill health at this very difficult time and we wish everyone a speedy recovery in the coming days and weeks.

The up-to-date information as of today is that the employees affected are improving with several discharges from hospital, which is fantastic news and we sincerely hope that all employees can avoid the infection.

6) Help and Support – During this difficult time there could be ways that you could potentially ease any immediate financial concerns that you may have by contacting local councils, banks and building societies regarding payment holidays, plus you may need to cancel or defer memberships where the services are no longer available for you to use ie Gym membership, sky sports etc.

7) Developments –Sertec have registered with the British Government to support the development and supply of critical medical equipment (i.e. Ventilators) we are currently working with other British Companies to supply low volume structural components for these products. The project is at an early stage but we will dedicate time and effort into forming a partnership that can manufacture components that are critical to support our National Health Service.

We will keep you informed of the progress of this project in due course

8) Communication – We will endeavour to keep you informed by direct contact of any developments which will include any amendments to the ‘Return to Work’ plan as indicated above. It will assist this process if you are able to supply the business with your personal e mail address. Please supply your name, clock number, site and e mail address using Please also check the website –

Please ensure that you and your family members do your utmost to follow the Government advice on staying at home, social distancing as your contribution will help to save lives by restricting the spread of this terrible disease that has already affected so many families in our country and around the world.

The key factor throughout all of this very difficult period is that we all work together and on behalf of Board I want to thank you for your understanding and support. Please stay safe and we all look forward to returning to normal activities when the virus is under control.

Steve Moore
Group H.R. Director