Sertec’s Women in Leadership

At Sertec, we are committed to promoting female talent and female leadership and this ethos is a cornerstone of our growth strategy and continued success.

Tina Vaissiere

Sertec Light Stampings and Precision Components Plant Manager

I started my employment in the Automotive Industry in January 1998 working for Tulgrove Limited, with Sertec acquiring Tulgrove in 2010. I then became part of the “Sertec Family”, starting my career at Presslite as a Customer Analyst. From here I moved to Saltley working as Logistics Co-ordinator and then soon progressing to Logistics/Manufacturing Co-ordinator. In Jan 2017 I was then promoted to Light Stampings Plant Manager and in October I took Precision Components under my wing.

My proudest achievement is becoming the first female Plant Manager in the manufacturing sector of the Sertec Group. Being a female in a male orientated industry can be difficult and you do have to speak up to be heard amongst the male voices. Sertec provides an incredible support network and I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for Sertec investing support and time into my career.

Julie Crombie

Group Purchasing Manager

I live and breathe all things Purchasing – I have overall 29 years of experience with 22 of direct Automotive purchasing experience. At my previous company I held the title of ‘Head of Purchasing’ for 18 years which was a significant milestone. I joined the Sertec family in September 2017 as ‘Group Purchasing Manager’ and I am pleased to say the support and the work dynamic provides great strength to managers. The Board are all very much hands on and they are very supportive of my own personal and professional missions and views.

I have all the right experience and qualifications and I am proud to be in the position I hold today.

As a woman working in a male dominated industry it can be frustrating and can feel like you do not have a voice, however, it does not work like this at Sertec – it’s very refreshing.