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Changes to Sertec sites' receptions

Release date: 9th May 2016

From Monday 9 th May, receptions at each of our sites will be unmanned and the new procedure detailed below has been introduced.

When visiting one of our Sertec sites you will be greeted by our Security team who will invite you to sign in and wait in the relevant waiting area. They will contact the Sertec employee you are due to meet. You may also wish to inform your Sertec contact directly to advise that you are on site, or that you are arriving imminently. The Sertec employee should be ready and waiting in the Reception area, or will be with you shortly.

At the reception desk youíll find a phone and a directory of internal numbers for your use should the need arise.

Additionally, we are introducing a new automated telephone system, therefore we strongly advise you to use your Sertec contactís DDI or mobile number when calling from an external line. This will ensure you get through as quickly and efficiently as possible.