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Release date: 14th August 2015

Sertec are delighted to announce that they are supporting two new charities

After giving their employees the opportunity to put forward suggestions of their favoured charities, the Sertec Board are delighted to announce their support for two new charities for the forthcoming year. There were many worthwhile causes proposed by employees and it was a difficult choice to make, but after much deliberation the two chosen beneficiaries selected are The Household Cavalry Foundation and the Warwickshire Air Ambulance.

Household CavalryThe Household Cavalry Foundation

This charity was nominated by Sertec employee Caroline Munday whose son James was killed whilst serving in Afghanistan. He was just 21 years old and like many other brave young soldiers had dedicated his young life to serving for our country. The Household Cavalry are famous worldwide for both outstanding pageantry and gallantry on the battlefield; but like James Munday, the same soldiers seen on parade on state occasions also risk their lives on the front line.

The Household Cavalry Foundation is the Official Charity for the Household Cavalry Regiment providing invaluable charitable and pastoral support to all members of the Household Cavalry family, which includes serving Soldiers, Operational Casualties, Veterans and their dependants.

All donations are used to support the Household Cavalry family welfare requirements and go directly towards support of their main beneficiaries; this is particularly important now that troops have been drawn down from Afghanistan and thoughts naturally turn to the future, where they need to be able to assist in helping those with both physical and long term psychological injuries. In 2013 Household Cavalry Foundation supported more welfare cases than ever before; delivering over £300,000 across five charitable areas.

Sertec hope their support for this charity will ensure more soldiers and their beneficiaries are supported through difficult times.

For more information please go to the Household Cavalry Foundation website.

Air Ambulance LogoWarwickshire Air Ambulance

This charity was nominated by many employees across all Sertec sites. Every day of the year, Warwickshire Air Ambulance is helping to save lives. They do not receive any government funding, surviving solely on public donations to raise the £1700 needed for each rescue mission.

With flight times commonly over four times quicker than transfer by road, in many cases, the time saved is a life saved. The helicopters are able to provide a rapid response to trauma and medical emergencies over an area of 3850 square miles.

Highly skilled paramedics, doctors and pilots work together to provide advanced clinical care to patients before flying them to the most suitable hospital, therefore giving them the very best chances of survival and recovery. Within minutes they can be on the ground delivering lifesaving care at road traffic collisions, sports events, and industrial accidents or for medical emergencies such as cardiac arrest and stroke.

Childrenís Air Ambulance

The Childrenís Air Ambulance provides a dedicated service flying critically ill children from one hospital to another for specialist care.  This is a national service and is the first and only paediatric helicopter emergency transfer service in the country. The bespoke, specialist equipment on board their helicopter provides a flying intensive care unit for children. When a child is too sick to fly, the Childrenís Air Ambulance can fly a specialist team to them. Valuable support helps them to keep hope alive for their little patients and their families.  


  • In January 2010 Warwickshire Air Ambulance completed their 10,000 mission
  • In October 2014 the Children's Air Ambulance made its 100th transfer


The Warwickshire Air Ambulance vision is clear. They want children to grow into adults, they want adults to live longer and they want bereavement through trauma to become rare.

Each of their services works tirelessly to save lives and alleviate sickness, wherever and whenever possible. The air ambulance gives people the very best chance of survival and recovery.

Sertec hope their support for the Warwickshire Air Ambulance will help to keep them flying.

For more information please go to the Air Ambulance website.

Finally Sertec Board would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who nominated a charity; each elected charity carries out amazing work and it was indeed a difficult choice to make.

This will be a fun-fuelled year ahead with varied and exciting activities organised to raise money for our selected charities. There will be lots of opportunity for everyone to get involved, so listen out for events to come.